Fashionable Accessories

What is fashion? Most people may do not know that, I think. But, people have been chasing fashion all the time. They want to know fashion and direct fashion. Gradually formed a fashion culture. Do you want to enrich your fashion culture? Find all you need to know about the world of fashion. The accessories are not negligible. When it comes to accessories, people always think of jewelry. But, something is more important than jewelry. For example: Trendy bags, sunglasses for a star look, hats, caps and accessories. Handbag, wallet, beach bag, backpack … But, how to accessorize your look with some fashion accessories?

Today, we start with the hat. The hat is a simple accessory, but it is not easy to wear. And especially by wearing a beautiful object. Since the beginning of the previous year, the beret appeared on the fashion week and began a strong comeback. There are also many starts like wearing the beret, now. Mysterious and diverse temperaments of the beret itself are destined for its position on the big screen.

Over the years, in many well-known movies all have the hat. The

goddess of Silent Cinema, Greta Garbo, she wore a beret in the movie any way you want. This is one of the most representative forms of his on-screen career.

Lauren Bacall, she was wearing a black and white plaid suit with a beret in THE BIG SLEEP. After the broadcast of the film, this style was considered a classic by the public.

There are also a lot of actresses wearing the beret in the film, we do not give examples one by one. This shows that everyone loves it and its importance. Even if you are a very ordinary person, as long as you wear a beret, it will become different. And since the beret entered the fashion ring from the military cap, it has been popular for over a hundred years and never left the fashion beat. The beret has many colors and styles to choose from, so it is very easy for the clothes. In a show at Dior, the beret is also covered with a layer of black thread, more retro and elegant, with a little mystery. He is not new. Appeared in the 19th century. The gavroche is a mix between the cap and the beret. There is a rather short visor and a curved shape on the top of the head. This gives people a different feeling.

Versatile Berets in Daily Life

As the weather gets colder, varieties of beautiful hats can be worn again. When you talk about the hat, most people think it’s a fashion disaster, because if it does not match well, it will not only show a big face, but also destroy the general form. Is there no hat suitable for everyone? Yes! It’s the classic beret.

As for the berets, its birth dates back to the 15th century. Later, developed in a military cap. It is often said that fashion is like a reincarnation, and the major designers are constantly renewing the trend in the classics. In recent years, jackets, mules shoes, pajamas, etc. are masterpieces. It can still be seen in many cinematographic and television works. The popularity of the beret reached its peak in the 1970s, thanks to the classic film, Bonnie and Clyde. In the film, the classic beret shape of Faye Dunaway, sometimes elegant and charming, sometimes beautiful and cool, all the styles of the beret are interpreted by her.