How to Dress up Like a European

Renowned for their great style and good reason, Europeans are exceptional in crowd for their upscale and classic looks, leaving clothes in other countries’ styles drab and boring. In case you have a plan to travel in Europe or you would like to create a look similar to Europeans, all solutions in the article deserve your attention.

At first, some universal dress code of Europeans are listed as follows.

  1. Clean and Simple Cuts
  2. Fit Clothes
  3. No bold Patterns
  4. Pastel Colours
  5. Substantial Contrast
  6. Suitable Colours to the Season

All above characteristics are universal among ordinary people. And it will be clear if I pick up some cases for you. Now, it’s turn to illustrate them one by one. No matter suits or dresses, all those clothes are finished with a sleek and geometric appearances. The essence of choosing European-style clothes lies in simple, clean and elegant cuts. North Americans prefer oversized clothes, especially in summer; a hint of slim figure indication could also be found from their daily looks. While European people get not fit clothes, they will tailor it according to specific requests. You could also obey the rule since tailoring is not expensive.

Try to avoid bold patterns as much as possible. It’s weird to choose bold-patterned clothing for European people while such patterns are popular with American people. In case European people don patterned clothes, those detailed patterns are prime considerations. Texture is also one highlight of Europeans clothes. Certainly, patterns catch more attentions from clean cuts they prefer. Of course, there are also exceptions to the rule in summer. Floral, ethic and island patterns come in play on dresses, shorts, t-shirts and the like.

Know about the European color palette. There is a series of colours for clothes in a season for roughly each year. In other words, most clothes you could find in the market are all in those colours. In general, those colours are varied region to region. European people prefer neutral tones with some highlights like bright and bold colours.

Besides, more European people choose substantial contrast colour combination when they are shopping, such as a combination of dark colours and lighter colours. The last one is coordinated colours to seasons. Different with North American’s one colour through all seasons customs, Europeans will choose different colours to adapt to diverse needs of changing seasons.

The best way to imitate changing styles of European people are putting some thoughts together, then creating an overall look by yourself. Another point is to dress up more than normal. It’s also the different indicator to tell American styles from European styles. In general, Europeans prefer to dress nicely. Never come across one in yoga pants or sweats outdoor. The next principle focus on minimalist style. Their styling is not consistent with that of American’s layering. Only a tip could solve it effortlessly — limiting the number of layers and accessories and keeping the overall look clean and clear. I will share more practical clothing ideas next time. Welcome to subscribe our newsletter.