It’s Beret Hat Season Now!

In spite of the resurgence of the beret hat in recent years, it’s easier to imagine that one has hopped off a plane from Paris. Certainly, the minimal beret is a sign of aloof “French girl”, leaving an air of cool effortlessly. It’s a poser for many to don such items in an appropriate manner. With the help of fashion girls, you can get essence of beret outfits.

Now that the temperatures go down, it’s a perfect time to bundle up in warm pieces. In case you would like to style outfits in a unique taste, a beret will be good enough now. In order to list some samples of beret outfits, I invited trendy fashion girls and asked them to style several iconic ensembles with elegant and tasteful the French beret. Let’s look at following ideas with berets!

Red leather beret or black ones could be used to finish an all-black ensemble, placing it on the side of straightened or Afro hair. It would be better to select a red lipstick for the strongest visual effects. In addition, some metallic hues could amplify feminine allure to the highest level.

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If you would like some casual and playful social effects, some pink color berets and textured ones would be not bad to finish your outfits. Those hats could draw people’s attention to social sensibilities to your look. Style could be taken as a sigh of change. If you would like to create a brand-new ensemble, start from the “head”.

Cozy knit berets are also great choices of some green hands. You can wear it symmetrically or leave it tilt on your head. In general, black and grey berets go well with all hair colors, and it’s easy to incorporate them in your ensembles. You can dress it up with white pearl earrings or exaggerated circle earrings. Bold red lip, oversized boyfriend jeans are all good choices. Pick some similar items from the website French berets come in diverse fabrics, colors and styles. They could be incorporated into various ensembles. Versatilities of such accessories decide they are appropriate for four seasons, and suitable for both casual and ethereal feminine look.

Following guidance of film-noir look in chilly fall and winter nights, pair a traditional beret with a scarf and gloves. From the angle of European aesthetic, quintessential beret looks great when it combined with a gorgeous coat and ankle boots. Thick and cozy felt beret in winter is a stellar option for most of girls. It’s the most romantic scene to don a felt beret when snow falls on a moonless night.

Avant-garde berets feature studs, eyelets, sequins and even abstract patterns. Bold and edgy berets go well with sleek and all black look, or could round out a rock and roll ensemble. In addition, today’s French berets are not limited to the palette in the past. Colorful berets can add an unexpected playfullness to your look, and help you stand out in crowds.