Washing Methods of Berets

Berets are very popular right now, but most people do not know how to clean them. The beret can be cleaned, but pay attention to the method. In addition, berets made of different materials are not identical in cleaning. You must be careful not to wash the beret with a washing machine. It easily distorts the hat. You must choose a mild detergent or a special detergent. This detergent does not hurt the beret. When washing, first put the beret in the water and let it soak for a while, then pour the detergent. Do not force too much when cleaning, let the water dry naturally.

For the leather beret, there are many things to consider. If you buy a leather beret, you should read this article carefully. Leather berets can not be washed with water. And if it’s dirty? We divide into two situations, and we will present them separately.

Case 1: If your beret has no stains, you can wipe it with a damp cloth in case the beret is worn for a long time. Then wipe again with a dry towel or paper towel. When the water from the hat is completely absorbed, you can remove dust from the surface of the hat.

If it rains and you wear a leather beret, you can not cover the rain with a hat. Unless you do not want this beret. When your hat is stained with rain, you must immediately erase it. Otherwise, your beret is prone to mold. Although the leather beret is cool, it also requires your care. Leather items usually require special attention. And usually have regular maintenance. For example, leather shoes need a polish to make them shinier or to maintain their original luster. The leather beret is the same. In this way, he can fully demonstrate his own advantages, making you more beautiful when you wear it.

Case 2: If your beret is very dirty, you must clean it thoroughly. I suggest that you send it to a professional cleaner. Especially for those who do not know anything about cleaning leather goods. This is the safest and most convenient way.

It is also important to dry the beret and store it. When the hat is clean and ready to dry, you can put a stand in the hat. Or you can wrap old clothes, towels or old newspapers in a spherical shape. So put it in the hat. This helps to better preserve the shape of the hat.
Matching colors, do you want to know?
In busy work, we must also learn to enjoy life. For ladies, the best way to relax is to shop. Shopping makes us happy and can relax. Shopping requires a lot of walking, and the walking process is equivalent to exercising. It’s very good for our health.

Many people do not usually exercise and do not walk, but when they go shopping, they can walk a lot without knowing it. Many people feel tired when they work, but they can not sleep when they would like to take a rest. But if you go all day, when you are very tired, you will definitely have a good sleep. Therefore, shopping is a very good thing.

But in fact, shopping is an interesting thing. In fact, many people do not know how to choose clothes. This reflects a problem and you do not know much about yourself. If you understand each other perfectly, you can choose the clothes that suit you. These clothes can cover their own shortcomings and show better their strengths. If you want to master this, you have to go through long-term experiments and observations, and you can gradually understand your body.

You can start with a basic color match and a clothing match. Then I will use some examples to introduce you specifically.

The two clothes in the photo are shiny and soft, providing a very pleasant feeling. First, let’s look at the first one. The most important of all the clothes is the long blue coat. The yellow bag contrasts with the blue coat. Usually, the contrasting colors are very attractive. Scarves, sweaters and boots all have a very low saturation color. The set of clothes is like an image. In a painting, there are mainly things to paint, but there must be a white. The long white sweater, the gray scarf and the khaki boots are equivalent to the white space of a painting.

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