Fashionable Berets in Films

Berets are suitable for almost any country and even become favorites for intellectuals, artists, filmmakers and poets. Many artists are faithful fans of berets. The beret can also change the hairstyle to bring you energy. The beret has many colors, but the red beret has a more retro appearance, very attractive and more fiery. The red beret is associated with a red silk scarf or other accessories of the same color, not only very harmonious, but also very elegant, suitable for women at work.

If you want to get dressed, you must first master the color matching. According to the color system. Should pay attention to the color of the coat. The same color system is more conservative, usually no mistakes. But, if you want to attract attention, choose a different colored beret with you coat. And it is best to keep your bags, shoes and hats the same color. It’s more comfortable in visuals.

Sometimes we meet unexpected invitations, at that time we can use a warm colored beret as embellishment, the curved hood shape and the warm color neutralize the hardness of the black suit. Let yourself instantly become a charming woman. We can wear a sexy outfit in a suit, with a beret and a red lip, and the style is very different. Have you learnt now? If you do not know how to wear the beret, learn quickly.

A good shape is essential for accessories and the hat should be the first choice because choosing a hat can not only create a delicate face for you, but also create a variety of fashionable style. There are many kinds of hats, and today we will introduce them one by one. Knitted hats have never been eliminated in winter and the design of a comfortable and chic style is a challenge for many designers. That should be the hat everybody always wears when he was a child, but how do you wear it? Make sure to wear a cool look. This will highlight the meaning of fashion and will not become a passer-by. For example, a leather jacket, a playful tie or a dark lipstick. In short, there must be something unique. Also important in the choice of color and style. Avoid hats identical to your own hair color. Never choose a slim, small and tight style. A little less than your head and face all very small.

As early as the 1960s, the navy cap became a success: ever since the Beatles wore this hat during the nightclub months in the red light district of Hamburg, they have created a worldwide love for the cap. During this period, he was influenced by the sailor’s clothes and opened the love of the navy cap. Since then, the navy cap is not just the navy or the exclusivity of the man. The reincarnation of fashion has brought the navy cap back into fashion. The navy blue cap contains almost the benefits, It can be worn with almost any outfit. In addition, the material and shape of the navy blue cap are very solid, and there is no lazy style, but more beautiful, while retaining the original retro style.

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